Oh Spring, Where Art Thou? – Kids Bring Hope

March in Minnesota means poor skiing and river flooding. The ice houses are off the lake, and the snow sleds are in storage — sure signs that the season is turning. A warm surge last week melted most of the season’s accumulated snow-pack, but apparently we have another fresh 4-6 inches on the way tonight.Continue reading “Oh Spring, Where Art Thou? – Kids Bring Hope”

Western Road Trip Retrospective – Part 2

This is the promised second edition of the Western Road Trip Retrospective. In my last post, we’d barely gotten out of the gate – we’d visited Billings and the Muscle Shell Creek area. From Billings we headed West toward the Bear Tooth mountains, where we turned South to travel along the foothills and enjoyed aContinue reading “Western Road Trip Retrospective – Part 2”

Western Road Trip Retrospective – Part 1

We’re back!  The odometer rolled over three times, and the van looks like it’s been through a war zone. The tent has a few more holes in it (and most definitely needs aired out!), and all the kids think they have seen more bison, antelope and geysers than any person needs to see in aContinue reading “Western Road Trip Retrospective – Part 1”

The AgriLife Great Western Shootout Tour

Yes, as insane as it may seem, the Whitman and Nielsen clans are packing up and driving west. To Wyoming, that is. Our destination: Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. By way of Billings and other points between. For anyone keeping a scorecard, that’s 4 adults and 6 kids in 2 rigs coveringContinue reading “The AgriLife Great Western Shootout Tour”

In the dusty fields of Fowler Indiana

April 19th was an interesting day for AgriLife Studios.  We began our day taking beauty shots of boars (no lipstick). If you’ve ever shot photos of livestock you know it’s like shooting photos of kids. As soon as you figure it out, they do something different. Pigs are like hyperactive 2-year-olds. It was a funContinue reading “In the dusty fields of Fowler Indiana”

Welcome to the AgriLife Image Blog

This is the first official post on “the AgriLife Image” — a weblog dedicated to exploring the rural and agrinomic lyfestyle through art and imagery. The authors are (primarily) Scott Whitman and (occasionally) Shawn Nielsen – friends and co-owners in AgriLife Studios. We supply campaign-ready stock images and custom assignment photography and video services forContinue reading “Welcome to the AgriLife Image Blog”