Corn Harvest – A view from the AgriLife Back Porch

It’s great to see the combines rolling. I love this time of year in Minnesota. I bet the farmers are glad to finally get rolling too. It’s been a tough harvest… a great crop, but not enough good weather to bring it in. The corn moisture is high, so they’ll be spending a lot ofContinue reading “Corn Harvest – A view from the AgriLife Back Porch”


Welcome to the AgriLife Image Blog

This is the first official post on “the AgriLife Image” — a weblog dedicated to exploring the rural and agrinomic lyfestyle through art and imagery. The authors are (primarily) Scott Whitman and (occasionally) Shawn Nielsen – friends and co-owners in AgriLife Studios. We supply campaign-ready stock images and custom assignment photography and video services forContinue reading “Welcome to the AgriLife Image Blog”