AgriLife Storms the Sunshine State for NAMA 2014

I’m headed to Jacksonville, Florida, this week for the 2014 National Agri-Marketing Conference. We’re excited to once again sponsor the Opening Session video (look for that video soon after its world premier Thursday morning). We’re also honored to sponsor the Break-Out Sessions once again. Stay tuned for updates and posts from the 2014 conference. InContinue reading “AgriLife Storms the Sunshine State for NAMA 2014”


AgriLife teams with Schnell Designs for Region III NAMA win

We’re really excited about the reception these posters are getting. The judges at Region III Best of NAMA awarded our “Livin’ the AgriLife” posters and postcard series First Place. We love the work our friend, Matt Schnell ( Schnell Designs ), has done for us on this campaign. His designs capture the true essence ofContinue reading “AgriLife teams with Schnell Designs for Region III NAMA win”

AgriLife-Wyffels web videos win at Region III NAMA

We’re excited to announce (okay, brag a little) that AgriLife Studios, in partnership with Brad Martin of bSharp Creative ( ), received First Place honors at the recent Region III Best of NAMA awards program for our collaborative web site video project on behalf of Wyffels Hybrids ( The videos were based on a printContinue reading “AgriLife-Wyffels web videos win at Region III NAMA”

2013 Harvest in the Hopper

It’s the time of year here in Minnesota when when talk turns from frost on the pumpkins to makin’ ice on the lake. The corn and soybeans around here are all in and the fall tillage work’s already done. But a few folks out there are still hauling in the harvest. According to the National AgriculturalContinue reading “2013 Harvest in the Hopper”

The Great American Farmscape

We just returned from a photo shoot in North-eastern Nebraska, where we spent three fun days with some great people who brought us in to shoot images of one of the top swine genetics lines in the country. Honestly, it was the most impressive swine operation we’ve ever seen. These people really care about whatContinue reading “The Great American Farmscape”

Just Forge It – National Agri-Marketers’ Conference

What does it mean to “forge a frontier” exactly? I think it means to push forward, to create new opportunity. Or it could just mean “light a fire under your butt and get moving!” It seems lighting fires on the frontier would be an unpopular thing to do. So here’s our take on it. By popularContinue reading “Just Forge It – National Agri-Marketers’ Conference”