About AgriLife

Serving Up Top-Grade Images and Video

We started this outfit when we got tired of seeing the same old stock. We wanted more of the real thing – meaty content and sizzling visuals. And we know discerning agriculture business and rural lifestyle communicators want the same thing. If you’re like us, you want to see authentic agriculture – images with life, and images that move you.

AgriLifeStockSite_PageCapture6That launched AgriLife Studios, and drove us to build a library of top-grade creative images – both still photography and video – to serve the demands of a dynamic ag industry. We’re growing our library every season, and partnering with other top-shelf photographers and videographers to bring you more depth and variety. Visit our newly updated online stock image store: www.agrilifestudiosstock.com

AgriLifeStudios_PageCapture2We also love to work with clients to produce custom image and video libraries, collaborating with their creative teams to produce exclusive images that uniquely tell their story. Visit our website and online portfolio gallery: www.agrilifestudios.com



The Guys of AgriLife


Shawn is the creative engine of AgriLife, always pushing the edge. He combines a passion for his craft with a fearless and relentless drive to capture the unique essence of his subject, whether it’s a 3rd generation Minnesota corn grower, a bunch of frolicking beef calves in Wyoming or a field of sweet organic strawberries in California. Shawn thrives on location, and is a master of the environmental portrait, capturing the farmer or factory worker in his native habitat. Shawn lives and works with his wife, Cristine, and four kids on their hobby farm near Rogers, MN.


Scott is the ag communications guy who brings an eye for imagery to the art and science of brand marketing. Scott has a background in production agriculture and in providing communications and marketing services for clients across the spectrum of the food, fiber and bio-products industry. His role is to help clients find images (still and video) to fit their unique brand marketing needs, and to provide technical oversight so that every image we provide – stock or custom – is on message, relevant and technically accurate. Scott hails from Wyoming, and currently work from my home in Dayton, MN, where he rides herd on two great kids and enjoys sharing life with his wife, Teri.



That’s our formula. We’re just a couple of guys who have fun delivering a great creative product for an industry we love.

We look forward to meeting you – and shooting with you – sometime soon!

If you want to hear more from us, about us, check out this little video, called The Story Behind the Stock:


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