Feeding Our Passion for Storytelling

We love telling stories through imagery. It’s what AgriLife Studios is all about. So we were thrilled late last fall when Leighton Interactive (St. Cloud, MN) contacted us about partnering with them on a brand story video project for one of their clients.

Form-A-Feed is an employee-owned feed company in central Minnesota working to grow it’s business by building on a rich history of delivering customized products and hands-on service to family livestock operations throughout the region. The company already had a great story to tell, but wanted people to experience the Form-A-Feed story through video.

Leighton Interactive brought us out to shoot location interviews in early December with members of the Form-A-Feed family and a few of their long-time livestock-producing customers. Yep, December. In Minnesota. It was cold.

We had a great time working with Leighton and the Form-A-Feed team. It was a special treat meeting and interviewing three generations of the founding Nelson family. Meeting and working with the great people in agriculture is truly the best part of what we do.

The video is featured on the home page of the new Form-A-Feed web site (designed and built by Leighton) which features a number of photos we captured during the shoot (click image to open the site and view the video):


Meet the AgriLife Studios video team: Scott Whitman – Producer, Shawn Nielsen – Photographer/Videographer (interviews), and Brad Martin – Editor/Videographer (b-roll).

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