Game Changer

The Dodge Truck SuperBowl ad “God Made a Farmer” was a game-changer on a lot of levels. I read one commentary that said it’s not only a rare fist-pump for the American farmer, it’s something almost everyone in agriculture can support as it allows farmers and ranchers — normally a humble, “don’t blow your own horn” kinda bunch, to take a little pride in what they do.

The Dodge Ram Truck SuperBowl ad is the latest, and arguably most successful and widely seen effort in the fast-growing “agvocacy” movement, which encourages farmers and ranchers to engage with the non-farming public on a dialog about agriculture, the rural lifestyle how our food is produced.

The recent fun parody video work of the farming Peterson Brothers from Kansas is a prime example of the effectiveness of farmers telling their own story in creative ways. My kids now prefer the lyrics “I’m farming, and I grow it!” sung to the tune of “I’m sexy and I know it.” If you haven’t yet seen that video (so, what planet are you on?!) here it is:

But this new ad from Dodge  brings corporate advertising to the agvocacy game in a big way. This in itself is not new, but the combination of a SuperBowl ad buy, plus the live and ongoing ripples through social media give this a new momentum. The fact that Dodge is teaming with the National FFA Foundation to raise funds for that organization is a great touch, and is leveraging the momentum of the ad to do real and sustaining good.

So we’re jumping on the bandwagon. Because it’s a great wagon to be on. Check out the YouTube video and help raise funds for FFA:


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One thought on “Game Changer

  1. Nearly every Ag related blog I have read since Feb 4 has been singing the praises of this Dodge commercial and rightfully so. Dodge was willing to stick their neck out and spend the big bucks to deliver a message to a market not penetrated near often enough by Ag media. Ag media does a good job of preaching to the choir but that is easy. Are they willing now to pick up the banner and carry it forward now that Dodge has “broken the ice” for them?

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