Perspectives from “fly-over” country

Recently Shawn and I had an opportunity to work with a great agency partner to produce a custom stock photo library for one of our long-standing animal health clients. The project took us into western Wisconsin to visit some amazing seedstock and cow-calf operations, then into western Kansas to visit some premiere cow-calf and beef feeding operations.

(c) AgriLife Studios 2012

While Wisconsin was beautiful (and green!) I felt a special connection to the places and people of west central Kansas. As a Wyoming boy currently living in the upper Midwest, when we dropped into the wide open prairie grasslands, brown and dry as they were, I felt like I was home.

Shawn boards our plane at Garden City, KS.

The town of Garden City is much like my hometown of Laramie, Wyo. From its single-runway airport to the bustling little downtown, to the views of wide open range just out the backdoor, everything felt right.

In this political season, sometimes these small towns grab the headlines – if they happen to offer a homespun photo-op for a candidate hoping to show “he cares about Main Street more than Wall Street.” But mostly, these are the “fly-over” states. In the big scheme of world events, these communities are hardly a blip on the radar.

(c) AgriLife Studios 2012

But home is where the heart is, and these communities of America’s heartland are full of heart. I know there are people all over our country — like those in New Jersey and New York helping one another through the aftermath of a superstorm — that care about one another and demonstrate the character that makes America great.

But when the dust all settles, my heart always goes back to the heartland.

(c) AgriLife Studios 2012

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Scott is co-onwner with Shawn Nielsen of AgriLife Studios. AgriLife Studios is a premium image solutions provider specifically serving the agribusiness sector. AgriLife Studios offers top-grade stock photography and assignment photography and video services to support agrcultural marketing programs. We specialize in livestock, equine and rural lifestyle images.

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