Loving Sub-Rural Living

I like watching the tractors and combines roll by. I farm vicariously through these guys who are struggling to piece together enough small acreages between the houses to make a decent living.

You see, our house sits on what was once farm land 20 years ago (yes, I confess, I am part of the urban sprawl problem). My wife and I chose to make our home in “sub-rural” Dayton, Minn., nearly 15 years ago because it was off the beaten path, the lots were large and it felt like we were almost in the country. We love our big 2-acre yard. We’ve planted dozens of trees, and our salsa garden and sprawling pumpkin patch seem to expand each season.

We’ve found the sweet spot, but it’s not easy. A lot of people like country living, but some would like to see it a little more tidy (it seems dust, sounds and smells come with the territory). We sometimes forget who was here first, and what makes it “country” in the first place.

Personally, I like the smell of freshly turned soil. I even enjoy taking a liesurly drive behind a big diesel tractor rumbling down the road (when I’m not in a hurry). And I don’t mind a little “earthy fragrance” when the manure spreader hits the field.

It seems to me that if we’re going to live here taking up valuable productive acres, the least we can do is slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy it. Call it smellin’ the roses (or something like that).


Published by agrilifestudios

Scott is co-onwner with Shawn Nielsen of AgriLife Studios. AgriLife Studios is a premium image solutions provider specifically serving the agribusiness sector. AgriLife Studios offers top-grade stock photography and assignment photography and video services to support agrcultural marketing programs. We specialize in livestock, equine and rural lifestyle images.

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