Western Road Trip Retrospective – Part 2

This is the promised second edition of the Western Road Trip Retrospective. In my last post, we’d barely gotten out of the gate – we’d visited Billings and the Muscle Shell Creek area.

From Billings we headed West toward the Bear Tooth mountains, where we turned South to travel along the foothills and enjoyed a beautiful drive to Red Lodge, Montana, before heading Southeast into Wyoming to our destination for stage 2 of the trip: Cody, Wyoming, and the Buffalo Bill Reservoir State Park.

North of Red Lodge we saw beautiful cattle country – lush pasture on rolling foothills, with the Bear Tooth mountains and Custer National Forest in the distance. At one point, just south of Roscoe, we found a pasture full of yearlings. The following photo shows those yearlings, with the ski slopes of Red Lodge clearly visible on the mountain behind them.

(c) AgriLife Studios 2010

We camped that night at Buffalo Bill State Park West of Cody. In the following photo, you see the majestic bluffs (in Shoshone National Forest) overlooking our camp on the banks of the North Fork River as it empties into the Buffalo Bill Reservoir.

(c) 2010 AgriLife Studios

While in Cody, we visited the Western Heritage Center and the Cody Night Rodeo (I’ll share some rodeo photos in my next post). On the way out of Cody, heading into Yellowstone Park, we drove up Shoshone Canyon and enjoyed seeing some beautiful ranches.

I saw this sign and just had to pull over and snap a shot: “Wyoming is Beef Country – Enjoy Both! Cody Cattewomen” I wasn’t sure if meant we were supposed to enjoy both the beef and Wyoming, or the beef and the cattlewomen!

(c) 2010 AgriLife Studios

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