Western Road Trip Retrospective – Part 1

We’re back!  The odometer rolled over three times, and the van looks like it’s been through a war zone. The tent has a few more holes in it (and most definitely needs aired out!), and all the kids think they have seen more bison, antelope and geysers than any person needs to see in a lifetime. Bottom line: the Whitmans and Nielsens had a great time, experienced some of the most beautiful country in the world, and we captured hundreds of new images for the AgriLife stock library.

Rangeland Still Life
Rangeland Still Life - Muscle Shell River valley, MT

In the next few blog posts, I want to share some of the images we captured, and provide some perspective on what we saw.

In this first Road Trip Retrospective, we offer up a few images from Montana. We connected with Scott’s uncle, Richard “Butch” Whitman, an independent beef nutritionist and consultant who now works primarily for West Feeds, based in Billings. Butch took us on a tour of the Muscle Shell River basin northwest of Billings, Montana. It was beautiful cattle country, and with all the spring rains, the pasture was in prime condition. Butch said the pastures must “bank” as much forage nutrients as possible during the short spring growing season. The grass grown now will have to last through the dry summer and into the fall. With the great snow pack and good spring rains, most western ranchers and rangeland managers are looking forward to a good year.

Hereford Hiefers - Muscle Shell River valley, MT
Black Hiefers - Muscle Shell River valley, MT
Commercial Bull and Cows - Muscle Shell River valley, MT

In my next post, I’ll share images shot from the road as we headed southwest out of Billings along the Beartooth Mountains through Redlodge, Mont, and into Cody, Wyoming.



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