Of eCows and such.

AgriLife had the opportunity recently to make a trip to Iowa to do a shoot for a swine genetics company.  While on our way, we took the opportunity to take photos of the wonderfully rich agricultural area of Southeastern Minnesota and Northeastern Iowa.  One of the things that caught our eye was a larger-than-life wall mural for eCow* in Waukon Iowa.  Another was a group of curious Holstein heifers peacefully chewing their cud in a pasture near Harmony Minnesota.  Many more photos were taken, but you’ll have to check back in the near future.

Enjoy.  Remember…be Authentic!

~ Shawn Nielsen

* Note: eCow is one product from eAnimalProducts (www.eanimalproducts.com) – we just liked the mural, which was painted by Valerie Miller of the [Steel Cow] Gallery: http://www.steelcow.com … if you like cow art this is cool stuff!


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Scott is co-onwner with Shawn Nielsen of AgriLife Studios. AgriLife Studios is a premium image solutions provider specifically serving the agribusiness sector. AgriLife Studios offers top-grade stock photography and assignment photography and video services to support agrcultural marketing programs. We specialize in livestock, equine and rural lifestyle images.

2 thoughts on “Of eCows and such.

  1. The photo in the blog header was shot on a place just off Hwy 52 in Southeastern Minnesota. It was one of those iconic moments. Of course, everyone with a passion for home and heartland believes that THEIR country is “God’s Country,” but I think the beauty of this place, with the rolling green pastures, made a very strong case for itself.

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