Corn Harvest – A view from the AgriLife Back Porch

(c) AgriLife Studios Nov. 2009. Corn harvest, Rogers, MN.

It’s great to see the combines rolling. I love this time of year in Minnesota.

I bet the farmers are glad to finally get rolling too. It’s been a tough harvest… a great crop, but not enough good weather to bring it in. The corn moisture is high, so they’ll be spending a lot of money on gas bills to run the grain dryers. More challenging times ahead.

But when the combines are rolling, and heavy grain trucks are running down the county roads, it somehow gives me a sense that all is right with the world.

Shawn shot these images of this Case tractor and 2577 Combine as they worked a small 80-acre field south of his place near Rogers, Minn. You could literally look out the back door of the studio and see them rolling by, close enough to see the corn stalks flying out the back.

What are your thoughts about the harvest season? What do you see out your window?

Reporting from our front-row seat on the Back Porch,

~ Scott Whitman, AgriLife Studios



Published by agrilifestudios

Scott is co-onwner with Shawn Nielsen of AgriLife Studios. AgriLife Studios is a premium image solutions provider specifically serving the agribusiness sector. AgriLife Studios offers top-grade stock photography and assignment photography and video services to support agrcultural marketing programs. We specialize in livestock, equine and rural lifestyle images.

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