Growing Greatness from the Ground Up

We were tasked with creating a video to launch the Opening Session of the 2015 National Agri-Marketing conference. The theme is “Growing Greatness.” Now, that could mean a lot of things. And to the agri-marketers attending the conference, it would involve all the ways we tell the stories of agriculture and help our clients and customers reach their goals.

But what are those goals? What does “growing greatness” mean to a farmer or rancher? We decided to hit the road for a location shoot, visit a few farmers and ask what “greatness” means to them.

The answers were as varied as the people and their operations. But there was a common theme: pride in their work, doing things well, and leaving a lasting legacy.

We want to say a special thanks to our friends at the Minnesota Corn Growers for opening a few doors and helping coordinate the locations. We can’t wait to get back out there and shoot again when those folks start running their planters!


Hot in the Hog Spotlight

A few years ago we shot a custom library with our friends at Morgan Myers for their client, DNA Genetics, a global swine genetics company based in Nebraska. They were fantastic hosts, and we were thrilled to shoot in probably the most incredible swine facilities we’ve seen. Well-managed, clean and technically advanced. So impressive. But the best part, as always, was the people.

We shot some cool sets with the staff around the facility, as well as a whole series of on-set catalog style “beauty shots” of specific animals representing the company’s genetic lines. Many of our photos are featured on the DNA Genetics company website.


Often, when shooting custom libraries, we don’t know how (or if) certain images will be used. So it was really fun to see one of our swine beauty shots literally spot-lighted a new national ad campaign for DNA Genetics. It looks like the kind of concept shot that might take all day to capture. But it was just one in a series of many gems from that custom library shoot waiting to be re-discovered.


We want to thank the folks at DNA Genetics for being such fantastic hosts. And of course, offer our special thanks to the creative team at Morgan Myers for using our images in their great work.


The AgriLife View, No. 4

This Minnesota farmer takes his job pretty seriously, but himself?… not so much. He was gracious and happy to share part of his busy day during the recent harvest season to show us around his community and talk about his farm.

AgriLife View No. 4 takes a look at how we see farmers – hero, neighbor, grower, friend. One view is serious, the other light-hearted. Vote to tell us which one hits the mark for you.



The AgriLife View, No.3

It’s time for the next installment of The AgriLife View. We’re throwing these two on the wall. Tell us what sticks.



You’ve seen the candidates, now cast your vote!

The AgriLife View, No.2

A hat says a lot about a man. What do you think this hat should say? Mosey down, take a gander, and cast your vote below.

Last week’s inaugural entry was a tie, so every vote counts. If you missed it, you can still check out AgriLife View No.1 and vote!





If we could see under that hat what stories might be told?

If you have a headline you’d like to share, send us an email… we may just add it to the ballot!


The AgriLife View, No. 1

It’s 2015. We’re excited about what’s in store for agriculture, and we’re excited for AgriLife Studios, too – new tools, new offerings (visit our new store and new ideas. To celebrate the arrival of 2015, we’re kicking off the new year with a new series, “The AgriLife View” featuring faces, places and captured moments representing the real farm and ranch “agrilife.” For each installment, we’ll post two ideas for an image headline, and you get to tell us which ideas resonate with you… or don’t – in which case, you can write your own copy. Let’s have a little fun! LookLike_V1EIEIOh_V2

That’s No. 1 – He’s a real farmer we met last fall during harvest. Cast your vote below, then check back soon for the results!

UPDATE:  Thanks for checking out the new “AgriLife View” entry and voting! We’re having fun seeing the tallies come in. Say, it seems the poll response is not showing the “other” copy, so if you want to share your alternative headlines (and clearly some of you do) please jot your ideas in the blog post comments section. Thanks!



Christmas on the Ranch – Carols, Bells & Cow Chores

Every family who celebrates Christmas has their own rituals. For our family, feeding the cows is as much a part of the ritual as opening presents, lighting the advent candle, playing carol music or preparing the big family dinner. Sometimes we do chores in waves — feed in one pasture, come in for a hot chocolate and a round of presents, then head back out to deliver hay to another pasture. Sometimes, the process involves chopping ice from frozen water tanks. While the method of hay delivery has become more efficient over the years, and better tank heaters have mostly eliminated the need for ice chopping, the Christmas routine remains mostly the same. Caring for the animals takes priority. Of course, games of cowpie pond hockey, snowball fights and sledding with the cousins find their way into the routine as well. It’s Christmas, after all.